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Octopus & Potatoes

Octopus & potatoes

Octopus is a mollusk that is not commonly associated with health, nonetheless wih a pleasurable dish to eat.

It looks oily and its tentacles makes people uneasy.

Nevertheless, eating octopus at least once a month is a good option for men and women alike.

Octopus can provide

  • Vitamin B12 – It is essential for red blood cells and needed for the methylation cycle [cellular biochemical pathways that recycle nutrients and it is needed for energy, neurotransmitter balance, detoxification, DNA repair
  • B6 – Water soluble vitamin involved in many enzymatic reaction[biochemical] in the liver and in the brain
  • Iron – Involved in the cell energy powerhouse, supports women health
  • Selenium – An important anti oxidant that protects the thyroid, increases the detoxification ability by producing the main free radical scavenger ‘glutathione’, recycle vitamin C and it is involved in cellular energy


This recipe is an easy, delicious recipe that will delight your palate     read more

Trust your Gut feelings 2.0

Yoga & Nutrition Workshop

Sunday the 9th of April 2017

at the Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lwr Baggot Street

1100 A.M. – 200 P.M.

COST €40, early bird €35 before the 3rd of April


Trillions of bacteria inhabit our body, the gut being their home.

Interaction between gut flora and the various body systems has now being studied and researched.

Strong connections between our varied gut flora and the Immune, Digestive, Nervous, Detoxification are successfully managed by Nutritional Therapy.

Read more

Immunity & Diet – What to do?

Monday 13th of March at

The HARVEST MOON, 615 p.m. -730 p.m.

24 Lwr baggot street, dublin 2

Cost 10€


Frequents colds, flus, runny nose, mucus, infections are the result of an imbalanced immune system.

Long term immune imbalance may lead to eczema, psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis and many autoimmune conditions.

We can help our body maintain a balanced yet active immune system by addressing other systems imbalances and optimising diet and lifestyle.

We will learn how the immune system basic functioning, how diet, exercise and lifestyle may disrupt this delicate balance.

We will look at foods and practices that enhance immunity to restore health

Chicory & Beetroot salad

Chicory and beetroot are very good detoxifiers supporting both phases of liver detoxification

  • Beetroot helps with digestion, liver detox, blood
  • Beetroot is rich in vitamin C, phytonutrients, folate[active form], magnesium, potassium
  • Beetroot is low in sugar[low GL], provides L-Arginine to support cardiovascular health [1]
  • Chicory is anti bacterial and anti parasitic
  • Chicory has hepatoprotective and mild sedative effective protecting the heart and encouraging liver function
  • Promotes probiotics, helps with constipation and aid in weight loss [2]


The following recipe it is a very fast, nutritious dish with enormous nutritional benefits which include

Find the recipe HERE


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