The Harvest Moon Centre

24 Lwr Baggot Street, D2

Thursday 14th December at 7:00 PM

Free of charge [donation only]

christmas workshop picture

Xmas is a lovely time to meet friends, relatives and indulge in great food and to have a good time.


Digestive discomfort, fullness, nausea, reflux and other ailments are common.

This talk will take you through a journey into our digestive tract and you will learn how to enjoy this holiday times without the discomforts caused by bad digestion.

We will explore

  • Prevention of digestive discomfort
  • Tricks to optimize your digestive health

We will guide you through a comprehensive journey in how

  • Our body breaks down food
  • Dispose of waste
  • Detoxifies.

A lovely Xmas Menu and food suggestions will be given at the end of the class.