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Nutritional Therapist: Francesco Polito (DipNT, Dip Coaching)

Month: September 2018

Stress, an enemy we need as a friend. Learn how!

The Rathmines Collective

183 Lower Rathmines Road

Monday 8th October – 630 p.m. – Cost €10


We have been used to the word, we mention it all the time as a well understood excuse for anything.

What is stress?

What does it do to the body biochemistry?

How does affect the body system long term?

How can i manage stress?

What food helps with stress?

We will view all the aspects of the Stress Response and analyze what foods and practices will help reducing its symptoms.

Gut Flora – The life within our body!

Benefits, disease and balance

The Rathmines Collective

183 Lower Rathmines Road

Monday 1st October – 630 p.m. – Cost €10


The gut flora has an important role in our body and its imbalance [dysbiosis] is responsible or/and it is involved in many pathologies from mental health to sugar imbalance, from inflammation to nutrients metabolism.

We will

• Discuss how the body uses our gut flora

• Its role in neurotransmitters and hormone production

• Inflammation

• detoxification

• How food can help balancing the symptoms of imbalances

Cost 10€

Immunity & Diet

Monday 24th of September at

The Rathmines Collective , 630 p.m. -730 p.m.

183 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

Cost 10€


Frequents colds, flus, runny nose, mucus, infections are the result of an imbalanced immune system.

Long term immune imbalance may lead to eczema, psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis and many autoimmune conditions.

We can help our body maintain a balanced yet active immune system by addressing other systems imbalances and optimize diet and lifestyle.

We will learn how the immune system basic functioning, how diet, exercise and lifestyle may disrupt this delicate balance.

We will look at

  • foods and practices that enhance immunity to restore health
  • how to quench bloating, pain
  • learn about the various methods the body uses to protect our body
  • gut flora pivotal role in immunity from birth
  • Nervous system pathways to assist immunity

Energise Naturally

The Rathmines Collective

183 Lower Rathmines road

Monday 17th september – 630 p.m. – Cost €10


The Mitochondria is the cell power house and each cell contains thousands of these.

If you are tired all the time, fatigued, unable to sustain today 24/7 lifestyle, or unable to match an increased environmental demand, these tiny bodies are in dire need of nutritional help.

So what do we normally do? We increase stimulants, we can’t sleep and we get sick.

This class will discuss how energy is produced and……read more