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Nutritional Therapist: Francesco Polito (DipNT, Dip Coaching)

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Spring has Sprung!


Saturday 2nd of June 215 p.m. – 345p.m            @ URBAN HEALTH


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It is typically around that time of the year that we declutter our homes, so why don’t we do the same with our body ?
Let’s navigate the ins and outs of detoxification.

Why ?
Accumulation of toxins in the body may lead to :
*Low resistance to colds
*Weight management issues
*Fatigue and lack of energy
*Digestive problems

How ?
The liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body, it requires nutrients from our diet and works together with the kidney, urinary and digestive system.

In this 1h30 workshop, you will learn :
*Where toxins come from and how to avoid them
*How the detoxification process works and what food can help
*How to naturally and inexpensively detoxify your body while
maintaining a regular dietary intake
*The benefits of ”spring cleaning” your liver and why extreme detoxing may not be useful to everyone
* Enjoy some tasty spring treats 🙂

How much ?
20 EUR/ person ( delicious treats and goodie bag included !)

Who ?
Francesco Polito , Nutritional Therapist
Amani Kaite, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


Mental health imbalances, how food will help you!

Monday 23rd of April

Rathmines Collective

183 Lower rathmines road, Dublin 6

at 615pm



Depression, anxiety and various mentàl health conditions share several factors across the population. From gut health, liver status, stress response and nutrients intake.

In this class we will explore the different ways the body uses its chemical and biochemistry to ADAPT to new environmental changes.

We will learn the role that toxins plays in mental health, food choices and how to start a path towards balance. Food recipes and lifestyle tips will be given out.

COST €10

Causes and management of sex hormones dysfunctions – PMS


at The Rathmines Collective

Monday 30th of April 2018 / starts at 615 /1hr long/

183 Lower Rathmines road

across the road from the swan centre, next to the dental clinic


Hormonal imbalances are a common feature in humans. Sex hormones follow a natural 28 days cycle. Symptoms like PMS, cravings, anxiety & depression can all be part of this natural cycle of hormonal production.

In this class we will discuss how to balance hormones through diet, lifestyle changes whilst understanding its effects on body functions.

You will be able to address your particular hormonal imbalance and have the tools to make changes.

Water retention, weight issues, fatigue, skin problems, inflammation and digestive issues can be the result of an hormonal imbalance.



The class will discuss:

1. Sex hormones production

2. Estrogen dominance and sugar

3. Low progesterone and stress

4. Imbalanced gut flora and detoxification

5. Food that helps, food to avoid

6. Roadmap to health [tips to address hormonal imbalance naturally]


COST 10€

IBS – How to use food, testing and lifestyle changes and manage it

at The Rathmines Collective

Monday 9th of April 2018 / starts at 615 /1hr long/

183 Lower Rathmines road

across the road from the swan centre, tiger shop, next to the dental clinic





Many of us have been diagnosed with IBS however we still do not know how to tackle it successfully.

There are different types of IBS with very different symptoms and different triggers.

In this class we will

  • Learn how to change our diets and to reduce the symptoms of IBS
  • We will check the possible causes, triggers and how & what to test for
  • I will introduce you to a great world of foods that have beneficial effects on gut dysfunctions
  • We will understand the role of an imbalanced diet and stress on our guts
  • I will show you the interactions of the immune system with our gut
  • You will internalize the benefit of a unique dietary change that suits your genetics

COST 10€

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