Check the symptoms in the following tables and if you experience more than 6 you may need a GI [gastro intestinal] investigation


The one to one consultation will explore the systemwide deficiencies through a questionnaire, possible lab tests.

Abdominal pain Loss of appetite Weight loss Bloating Burping Nausea Vomiting
Cramps in the lower belly Red inflamed scaly rash vaginal yeast infection Sore throat Difficult swallowing Cracking corners of the mouth White patches on the tongue
Migraine Diarrhea Heartburn Gallstones Elevated cholesterol Indigestion Fever, chills
Poor vitamin absorption Abdominal tightness Undigested food in stools Hard stool Foul smelling gas halitosis, bad breath Seasonal allergy
Rheumatoid arthritis Hashimoto thyroiditis Lupus Psoriasis Celiac disease Mood and mind issues Chronic fatigue
Acne Rosacea Eczema Blood in stool Esophageal discomfort Brain fog Irritability
Easy skin bruising Panic attacks Rash on elbows and knees  Frequent trip to the bathroom Joint pain Reduced appetite Fever

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