The Rathmines Collective

183 Lower Rathmines Road

Monday 8th October – 630 p.m. – Cost €10


We have been used to the word, we mention it all the time as a well understood excuse for anything.

What is stress?

What does it do to the body biochemistry?

How does affect the body system long term?

How can i manage stress?

What food helps with stress?

We will view all the aspects of the Stress Response and analyze what foods and practices will help reducing its symptoms.

Gut Flora – The life within our body!

Benefits, disease and balance

The Rathmines Collective

183 Lower Rathmines Road

Monday 1st October – 630 p.m. – Cost €10


The gut flora has an important role in our body and its imbalance [dysbiosis] is responsible or/and it is involved in many pathologies from mental health to sugar imbalance, from inflammation to nutrients metabolism.

We will

• Discuss how the body uses our gut flora

• Its role in neurotransmitters and hormone production

• Inflammation

• detoxification

• How food can help balancing the symptoms of imbalances

Cost 10€