Check the symptoms in the following tables and if you experience 3 or 4 more you may need to balance sex hormones through dietary/lifestyle changes.

The one to one consultation will explore the systemwide deficiencies through a questionnaire, possible lab tests.

Tailored dietary changes and supplementation may be introduced to achieve your goal.



Hot flashes Night Sweats
Sleep disturbances Vaginal dryness/atrophy
Dry skin Headaches
Foggy thinking Memory lapses
Heart palpitations Yeast infections
Painful intercourse Depression
Low libido Bone loss


Water Retention Heavy, irregular menses
Breast swelling and tenderness Fatigue
Craving for sweets Weight gain
Fibrocystic breasts Mood swings
Uterine fibroids Low thyroid symptoms



Swollen breasts Weight gain
Headaches Low libido
Anxiety Mood swings
Irregular menses Depression
Cramping PMS
Infertility Fuzzy thinking
Acne Joint pain


Somnolence Gastrointestinal bloating
Mild depression Breast swelling
Candida exacerbations Exacerbates symptoms of estrogen deficiency



Fatigue, prolonged Mental fuzziness
Memory problems Depression
Decreased libido Blunted motivation
Muscle weakness Diminished feeling of well being
Heart palpitations Thinning skin
Bone loss Vaginal dryness
Incontinence General aches/pains
Fibromyalgia Male-pattern hair growth
Acne Clitoral enlargement
Deepening of voice Insomnia
Irritability/moodiness Loss of scalp hair

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