Octopus & potatoes

Octopus is a mollusk that is not commonly associated with health, nonetheless wih a pleasurable dish to eat.

It looks oily and its tentacles makes people uneasy.

Nevertheless, eating octopus at least once a month is a good option for men and women alike.

Octopus can provide

  • Vitamin B12 – It is essential for red blood cells and needed for the methylation cycle [cellular biochemical pathways that recycle nutrients and it is needed for energy, neurotransmitter balance, detoxification, DNA repair
  • B6 – Water soluble vitamin involved in many enzymatic reaction[biochemical] in the liver and in the brain
  • Iron – Involved in the cell energy powerhouse, supports women health
  • Selenium – An important anti oxidant that protects the thyroid, increases the detoxification ability by producing the main free radical scavenger ‘glutathione’, recycle vitamin C and it is involved in cellular energy


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