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Nutritional Therapist: Francesco Polito (DipNT, Dip Coaching)

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Immunity from the basics to you – How does it work?

Monday 13th of March at

The HARVEST MOON, 615 p.m. -730 p.m.

24 Lwr baggot street, dublin 2

Cost 10€


Frequents colds, flus, runny nose, mucus, infections are the result of an imbalanced immune system.

Long term immune imbalance may lead to eczema, psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis and many autoimmune conditions.

We can help our body maintain a balanced yet active immune system by addressing other systems imbalances and optimising diet and lifestyle.

We will learn how the immune system basic functioning, how diet, exercise and lifestyle may disrutp this delicate balance.

We will look at foods and practices that enhance immunity to restore health….Read More

Gut Flora the world within!!

Monday 27th of February at

The HARVEST MOON, 615 p.m. -730 p.m.

24 Lwr baggot street, dublin 2

Cost 10€


We are colonized by trillion of microorganism that live in symbiosis with us.

  • They provide us with nutrients from food
  • Allow for elimination of toxins
  • Regulate immunity
  • Interact with our nervous system

More and more people are experiencing digestive discomfort, pain, flatulence, low energy and many other problems.

We will analyze how gut flora balance is essential for health

Milk or not Milk?

This is an interesting guide to some of the healthy milk substitutes.






Eat your way to a good mood

Yoga & Nutrition Workshop

11th of February 2017

at the Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lwr Baggot Street

1230 P.M. – 330 P.M.

COST 35€ [see below]

Screen shot 2017-01-30 at 11.46.55

Start the new year with this fun and informative workshop combining:


The workshop run by Dominika (yoga teacher) and Francesco (nutritional therapist) will focus on the effect that blood sugar levels, gut flora and relaxation have on restoring the body’s ability to regulate mood and reduce anxiety.

The workshop includes:
1.5h YOGA CLASS (suitable for all levels including beginners) with special focus on yoga poses that have calming effect on the nervous system, followed by a nutritious HOMEMADE VEGAN LUNCH
and 1h NUTRITION TALK, that will cover:

– how a tailored dietary and lifestyle changes can help to improve your mood
– role of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that can alter the way we perceive everything around us
– how mood swings, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and ultimately energy are effected by the balanced/unbalanced body systems
– sugar intake and its imbalance that can effect gut flora, which turns out to be connected with the brain chemicals according to the new scientific research.

You will get practical tips, how to bring small but important changes to yout diet in order to address these issues.

COST: €35 early bird prior to 7th February, €40 thereafter
(50% deposit required to secure your place)


Vegetarian food will be provide for lunch. No prior experience is necessary for either the Yoga or the Nutrition class.


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