Saturday 24th March 10a.m. – 12p.m            @ THE DEN


To secure your place 50% deposit is required before the 8th of October for early bird or full price thereafter

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Account name: Polito Franco
Account number 14791037
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and confirm your attendance to chicopolito@gmail.com

In this workshop we will discuss how energy is produced, delivered and what can affect these processes.

We will explore the role of the thyroid and gut flora in energy production.

Recipes and dietary changes are essential for supporting our body power units, the Mitochondria, located within body cells and very sensitive to the environment, lifestyle, genetic and diet

The thyroid is the accelerator pedal while the adrenals are the gear that push more energy into the cell for use.

The gut flora is responsible for nutrients rich absorption and its imbalance is at the base of energy issues