at The Rathmines Collective

Monday 9th of April 2018 / starts at 615 /1hr long/

183 Lower Rathmines road

across the road from the swan centre, tiger shop, next to the dental clinic





Many of us have been diagnosed with IBS however we still do not know how to tackle it successfully.

There are different types of IBS with very different symptoms and different triggers.

In this class we will

  • Learn how to change our diets and to reduce the symptoms of IBS
  • We will check the possible causes, triggers and how & what to test for
  • I will introduce you to a great world of foods that have beneficial effects on gut dysfunctions
  • We will understand the role of an imbalanced diet and stress on our guts
  • I will show you the interactions of the immune system with our gut
  • You will internalize the benefit of a unique dietary change that suits your genetics

COST 10€