How To Change Your Diet And Benefit From it

Monday September 25th at the

Harvest Moon Centre

24 Lower Baggot Street

Dublin 2

Start time 615pm [One hour talk]

Suits anyone, no previous knowledge required



This class will discuss the role of nutrition in modern times.

I will introduce you to the concept of

  • Targeted nutrition
  • The importance of an healthy diet that focus on healthy food
  • How the food influences our biochemistry, digestion, hormones, mental disorders, sexual hormones imbalances.
  • We will hover onto the benefits integrated functional medicine
  • I will share a light on the role of supplements each one of us is taking today

This introductory class is the first of a series of winter meeting where I will talk about body dysfunction and how to tailor a dietary change that suits your genetics, lifestyle and emotions.

Tea will be provided
At some classes food is offered
Every class will have recipes attached

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